Digital that feels like physical. 

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A complete event experience from a distance

With Let's Get Digital, you can experience an event remotely as though you are there in person. With check-ins, break times, coffee, lunch and face-2-face meetings, a participant will experience your event as usual!


Face2Face check-in

A personal welcome at the check-in, break times during the event and someone who can open the door so that you may enter a session. Every detail of the digital event has been taken care of! After the check-in, you immediately see which participants are already inside. You can chat with each other in the lobby, or even, conduct a short Face2Face meeting.


A true event

Lunch, coffee and tea are provided, you are included in the programme and helped where necessary. The experience of the event is similar to a real-life event but instead, digital.


Meet each other

Meet each other in the lobby, during sessions and face-2-face meetings. Bring partners and exhibitors in contact with participants. In short; the type of encounters that you are used to from an event. Divide your participants into smaller workshops and let them work together.


Inspiring Content

No event is possible without content. Give your speakers a digital stage and allow participants to interactively engage in sessions. Deliver the content from your event directly to your participants and draw them into this experience. Host your live stream from any location and ensure that your conference comes alive. You can do this through real-life video editing.

Book your online demo without obligation

Together we can discuss your event, view your digital event experience and answer all of your burning questions. Develop your event further by getting digital - especially now!


+44 (0)20 3966 2417