Badge Printing & Check IN

Badge printing is the ideal way to stimulate networking at your events. It makes it easier for participants to talk to each other and to connect. Badge printing ensures a streamlined check-in, an important factor as it is the first moment of contact at the event. Each badge is printed within seconds, which ensures that there are no long queues at the entrance of the event, but that everyone can enjoy the event right away.

Badge printing

Why you should use Let's Get Digital badges

Self-check in

With the self-check in option, you can let visitors check themselves into the event. This gives the visitor a faster entrance and saves personnel costs. 


Make your event more valuable by using the QR-code. This option combines scanning and the option for exhibitors and visitors to exchange data faster. The QR code makes networking easier and participants meet more people.

Plug and play

The systems are very user-friendly. Therefore, they can be used without any support. Of course we can still offer support if you would like to. 

Badge printing

Use badge printing at your event!

Badge printing can be used at many different events. These may be very large trade fairs or conferences, but also small-scale business events. This can vary from, for example, 100 attendees to 4000 attendees. In sum, badge printing can be used for all events where networking is desired.

What does badge printing add to an event?

The main reason for adding badge printing to your event is to create networking opportunities. The badge often shows the name of the person, their function and the company they work for. Especially when people do not know each other yet, wearing a badge is an easy conversation starter. The badge gives a better idea of the person in front of you.

A QR code is located on each badge. This QR code can be scanned by the attendees via the event app. In the app they will find a list of connections made. After the event, the attendee can download the complete list and have all the information of everyone they spoke to during the event.


Let’s Get Digital offers a total solution when it comes to badge printing. During the preparations of the event, the event consultant thinks along about the possibilities of using the badge. The consultant will give you tips on how to make sure your wishes correspond exactly to the possibilities that Let’s Get Digital has to offer. We also offer support during the event. Before the start of the event, a consultant will install all printers at your event location. The consultant will remain on site during the entire event to provide support, so you will be in direct contact with us during the event in case you have any questions about badge printing. After the event, all badge printing stations are also dismantled by the consultant.

In addition to the service we offer, we also offer the possibility of creating your own custom designed badge. This means that you can create your own badge based on your wishes and branding. This design will be processed by Let’s Get Digital so that all participants receive their own badge with your design during the event.

Event app

There are several ways to print the badge. The most common way is by using the event app. Before the start of the event all attendees are invited to download the event app. In the event app there is a QR code. This can be opened by using the QR code scanner via the menu or by shaking your phone (Shake2Connect). Hostesses will be at the entrance of the event. The hostesses have a QR code scanner in the event app. As soon as the attendee enters the event, he/she shows the QR code to the hostess, the hostess scans this code and the badge rolls out immediately.

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QR code or self check-in

It is also possible to send out the personal QR code via email prior to the event. The attendee can then print out the email or show it on their phone. Also then the hostess can scan the QR code and the badge will come out.  If an attendee cannot find his/her QR code, then it is also possible to fill in the name of this attendee on the badge printing laptop. This way the badge can still be printed. 

In addition, Let’s Get Digital also offers a self check-in option. This means that participants can check themselves in at the entrance of the event, after which the badge comes out. On the badge printing laptop, a self check-in screen is shown. On this screen is a QR code, as soon as the participant scans this QR code, the badge comes out of the corresponding printer.

Let's Get Digital badge printing

The reason you should choose Let’s Get Digital badge printing is that the system of Let’s Get Digital is very user-friendly. Both the app and the setting up of the badge are controlled from one place. If there are any questions, you will receive all the support you need to make your event a great success from Let’s Get Digital, both before and during the event. In addition, everything is customizable, which means that the badges can be made to suit your wishes and the look and feel of the event.


Ready to badge?

If you want to know more about the right badge printing solution for your event, our sales consultants from Let's Get Digital are the right people to talk to.

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