Open (Business) days

Create an unforgettable experience and extend your client or student base.

  • Increase your client or student reach
  • Offer attendees an interactive tour
  • Fast & professional check-in

Trusted by more then 3500+ events

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Treasure Hunt

Let your attendees experience all the opportunities that you can offer.

  • Offer tailor-made tours based on different interests
  • Giveaway rewards to the most active attendees
  • Identify which areas your attendees are most interested in
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Interactive Floorplan

Lost attendees on location are history from now

  • Find the right rooms based on a search, with highlighted stands
  • Give associations or departments a stage to present themselves
  • Capture all data to see which stands are popular
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Social Feed

A social media area designed for community-building before, during and after your open day.

  • Give attendees an extra space to share experiences
  • Display all activities to large screens and make interaction visible
  • A positive channel to show activities and energy
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Data Insights

Get more insights on what your attendees think and what they do.

  • Retrieve a NPS-score to improve your event
  • Analyse the traffic to certain areas
  • Follow up with the right information
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Own Branding & Customisation

Let your attendees immediately know that they are at YOUR event.

  • Full White-Label-Solution with endless branding possibilities
  • Display any information that your attendees need
  • Full-colour badges in your design
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Badgeprinting & Check-in

Get your attendees to the right place, at the right time.

  • Select sessions, workshop, and activities
  • Receive reminders to be on time
  • Make certain activities exclusive with exclusive access

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Yes, it's also possible to display the program of the event in our software and we have more than 50 other features that are designed together with event managers. Get in touch with our event team to learn more about what features can support your event.

We although believe that only displaying a program shouldn't be the reason to use our software!
Time saving is one of the key points of our software. As event manager you want to be in touch with your visitors; not with software. We make sure this happens.
Together with our software you get a personal event consultant. He or she will guide you by implementing our software on the right way; with all the learnings we've by helping out by more than 3500+ events.

That's bad to hear! Basically there can be 2 causes; the software you used was not suitable for the goals of your event or the software wans't used right. Our event consulants help you by making sure the software is configured how it should be.

More than 90% of our clients stay with us. Get in touch with our team to create a business case and see if your event goals align with the software.
This is how we help to build up great open business days!

advantages summarised

  • 1

    Let your event stand out

    There is one thing you attendees come for on your event; to have a great experience

  • 2

    Better and more focused exposure

    With new and traditional ways, we help you out to strengthen your brand for more exposure

  • 3

    Fast & professional check-in

    The first impression is priceless. We make sure it happens, while saving you time

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